Do you need some help to stay focused, to set goals and get them done?

Do you ever wish to have someone on your side that helps you figure out THE SECRET?


Paula is thrilled to announce that you can learn the techniques of quantum thinking, whole brain energizing of your goals, with international best-selling author and worldwide trainer for the Living From Vision course over the last 30 years, Ilona Selke.

Ilona's Living from Vision 5 Week Course* is a miraculous course for manifesting your dreams and aligning with your purpose.

If you enroll by clicking the button below, as a follower of Paula, you will receive a $100 discount off of the course registration.

Discount Code: PAULA100

If you'd like try a course demo first, click the button below to access the link on Ilona's course web page

*Ilona suggests doing the course in a consecutive 5- week period, however, you can make this a self-paced experience and you will always have access to the course content after you register

CLASS REFUND AND PURCHASE POLICIES: Purchase of this course is subject to the policies contained within the affiliated service of Living From Vision.  Paula Vail and Wellness Inspired assumes no liability or responsibility for the refund and / or purchase policies expressed by Living From Vision.

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