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Hi, I'm Paula.

I founded Wellness Inspired in 2008 because I wanted to share the beautiful gift of Reiki and self-empowerment

with others.

Everyday, I work to help others live with love and compassion, enabling blessings to manifest in people's lives. 


Reiki Master + Teacher

Radio Show Host of Choices: Finding Your Joy

You Are The Creator

What You Believe, You Create. What You Create, You Become.

Reiki Master

Master Teacher of Usui and Karuna® Reiki


Shamanism Trained in Sedona, AZ

I have been a Reiki practitioner for over 12 years, receiving my Usui Master training in Machu Picchu, Peru - studying under various instructors.  


I first discovered Reiki thanks to my beloved dog, Shotzy. She was getting old and became ill, when I learned that Reiki could give healing light and love to her.  The healing for Shotzy was amazing and I immediately fell in love with Reiki. 


Reiki has had a life-changing effect on me and I am committed to giving and teaching Reiki as my life's work. I started my business, Wellness Inspired, so that I could offer Reiki healing to both humans and animals, as well as teach it to others. In my business and in my life I strive to teach the true essence of Reiki and to continue to grow my knowledge and expertise. 


In addition to being a Reiki Master, I am a Level III Master in Serenity Vibrational Healing with crystal bowls and illumination and trained in Shamanism and Quantum Healing techniques.  My shaman name is Shan Tara.


As part of my Reiki practice I offer Reiki sessions and classes. I also mentor Reiki students and practitioners to help them improve their practice, deepen their connection to Source, and begin or grow their own Reiki business.

Radio Show Host

Choices: FInding Your Joy

I started my broadcast work with Voice America, hosting my radio show, For the Love of Reiki.  I was proud to be sharing the beautiful modality of Reiki and positive energy and quickly expanded to my show Why Am I So Happy? on the BBS Radio Network. 


​When I started For the Love of Reiki I never imagined it would grow to have so many followers!  Today, I host my radio show Choices: Finding Your Joy on the Seattle radio station 1150 AM KKNW and my channels on 5DTV!

I am so blessed to share the world of Reiki, positive thinking, and tools for self-empowerment.

Entrepreneur + Business Owner + Mother



Day Care Owner

Mother of Three

While in college, I began working at a restaurant in Tacoma, Washington. I rose to restaurant manager and several years later, I purchased the restaurant.  I worked in that restaurant for 27 years.


During my time working at the restaurant, I also became a mother to three wonderful children. 


When my children were young I decided to open a daycare so that I could have more time with my children. I turned my garage into a fully functional daycare. I ran Fun Times Daycare out of my home with two employees for 8 years, and I continued working at and managing the restaurant as well. It was a very busy 8 years, but also fun, wonderful years that I will always cherish.


After I sold my restaurant in 2003, I went to work as a receptionist so that I could continue to work with people.

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The Dining Guide



Candice Eli

LICSW, MSW, Reiki Student and Client (June 2019)

As a mental health practitioner, I wanted additional treatment modalities to offer my patients. I was familiar with Reiki and understood the importance of finding the right practitioner with whom I could form the right connection.  Paula took the time to really listen to my story and work that into my session.  She was kind, compassionate, respectful, and extremely sincere. 


I left each session feeling calm, energized, and nurtured. 


There are so many different options for those seeking care for various health concerns.  I am so happy to have found one that makes the individual feel so empowered.


I have had several Reiki treatments by Paula, which prompted me to take her Reiki I & II class.  Both sessions not only offered me the skills to practice on my own, but imparted the same sense of peace and kindness offered in her treatment sessions.  Paula and Deb offered students a warm environment to not only learn the art of Reiki, but to be able to connect with one another in a warm and supportive manner.  Each of us learned the origins of Reiki, as well as how to respectfully offer it to others.  I am so very thankful to be able to connect with so many amazing individuals. 

My experience made me feel less like a student and more like a part of a special family.

Jill N.

Reiki Student (June 2019)

I had the honor of taking Reiki classes with Paula Vail and not knowing what to expect I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.

The energy of her kindness and compassion pours from her immediately and that carries you through the lessons with ease. 

She's naturally fun and uplifting and that makes the classes even better not to mention her devotion to animals makes her #1 in my book.  If you have the opportunity to meet Paula, take classes or have sessions do not hesitate.  She's such an inspiring person and I feel so grateful and blessed that I had the opportunity to meet her and learn from her.  She has inspired me to want to do better and be a better personal overall.   She really is "the gift that keeps on giving".  

Rose O'Conner

Rocky Mountain Reiki

“Being given the opportunity to be on Paula’s radio show was something I never even dreamed of; Reiki and Paula made it happen. I feel truly blessed to know Paula. It is a gift to be able to talk with her, a woman who is so open and loving and inspired by Reiki.

A gift to be able to have a conversation with such a wonderful woman doing fantastic work in honor of Reiki and to know that the conversation goes out to inform and inspire many others.


Thank you Paula, from my Reiki heart to yours, for being there with your joy and dedication to Reiki. A big thanks also to Voice America for providing this forum.”

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