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In Reiki, distance is not an obstacle for sending healing and empowerment to those you love.

Paula is experienced at sending long-distance Reiki to people, animals + communities. Spreading love, healing, and empowerment throughout the world. 


In June 2012 I was diagnosed with Melanoma stage 3. At this time a family member introduced me to Paula and we spoke via email. I was in a terrible way emotionally mentally and physically.   My cancer progressed to stage four six months later and my diagnosis changed to terminal.   As there were no conventional options offered to me I chose to follow a natural path to heal. Included in this decision was the generous offer from Paula to send me long distance Reiki healing. I gladly accepted and was comforted by the knowledge that I was receiving healing energy from thousands of miles away as I live in Australia.

Paula continued to send me healing energy through the course of my illness and regaining my health.  Three years later in perfect health I visited Paula and received the gift of Reiki myself.


It was after this time I truly understood how powerful and precious the gift of Reiki healing is as I help others now on their own journeys back to health.


Angie Cooper,  Australia

I was a recipient of Paula's Long Distance Reiki awhile ago when I had major surgery. She gave me Reiki before my surgery and then long-distance Reiki during my hospital stay and after I was released. Not only did my surgery go great, but I was also released from the hospital a lot earlier than expected.


I firmly believe that Paula's Reiki had a lot to do with my speedy healing and recovery.

Doris Coolidge

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