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Meet Paula

Owner/Founder of Wellness Inspired

Master Teacher of Usui and Karuna® Reiki

Shamanism Trained in Sedona, AZ

Host of Choices: Finding Your Joy

on 1150 AM KKNW Seattle | | 5DTV

Hello! My name is Paula Vail. I have been a Reiki practitioner for over 12 years. I am passionate about the wonderful healing power of Reiki.

Reiki has had a life-changing effect on me and I love sharing the gift of Reiki with others. In my business and in my life I strive to teach the true essence of Reiki and to continue to grow my knowledge and expertise. 

I started my broadcast work by having the profound privilege of hosting the radio show For the Love of Reiki on Voice America and Why Am I So Happy? on BBS Radio.

When I started For the Love of Reiki I never imagined it would grow to have so many followers!  Today, I host my show Choices: Finding Your Joy the Seattle radio station 1150 AM KKNW and my channels on Bingenetworks TV and 5DTV!

I am so blessed to be where I am today, hosting these wonderful shows. I am so proud to be sharing the beautiful modality of Reiki and positive energy with the world!

In Machu Picchu, Peru for  Usui Master Training

My Reiki Training includes:
  • In addition to studying under various instructors, experience has also been my teacher

  • I had the the great honor of receiving my Usui Master training in Machu Picchu, Peru

  • Level III Master in Serenity Vibrational Healing with crystal bowls and illumination

  • Trained in Shamanism and Quantum Healing techniques.  Paula's shaman name is Shan Tara

Gina dog.jpg

With my rescue dog, Gina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Moses planting trees.jpg

Planting trees with Moses in Africa

A 'server's heart' - My Life Mission

I would like to share just a bit more about myself and what has shaped me to be committed to my life mission of working with people, animals, and the planet.


From the day I was born I have reason to be thankful for my wonderful life. I was born a premature baby, weighing less than 3 pounds. Doctors did not believe I would make it through the night. I did survive. I have had a grateful heart my whole life.

I have always believed that happiness is a choice.

While in college, I began working at a restaurant in Tacoma, Washington, which I eventually bought. I worked in that restaurant for 27 years. My years in the restaurant business gave me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people! During that time I also became a mother to three wonderful children.


When my children were young I decided to open a daycare so that I could have more time with my children. I turned my garage into a fully functional daycare. I ran Fun Times Daycare out of my home with two employees for 8 years, and I continued working at and managing the restaurant as well. It was a very busy 8 years, but also fun, wonderful years that I will always cherish.


After I sold my restaurant in 2003, I went to work as a receptionist so that I could continue to work with people.

Working for people, animals, and the planet is my passion.

If only he would have fit in the suitcase!

Giraffe pic.jpg

The restaurant featured in South Sound Dining Guide


Bringing fruit and goods to a school in the mountains of Peru

It was shortly after selling my restaurant that I began learning Reiki. I have been a Reiki practitioner for more than twelve years now. I am a Master Usui & Karuna Reiki® practitioner and teacher.


I have studied Serenity Vibrational Healing for two years. I am a Level III Master in Serenity Vibrational Healing with crystal bowls and Illumination. I have also receive training in Shamanism and Quantum Healing techniques.


As part of my Reiki practice I offer Reiki sessions and classes. I also mentor Reiki students and practitioners to help them improve their practice, deepen their connection to Source, and begin or grow their own Reiki business.


It all started because I am an avid animal lover. I first discovered Reiki thanks to my beloved dog, Shotzy. She was getting old and became ill. Someone suggested that I could learn Reiki and give that gift of healing light and love to my dog.  The healing was amazing - I saw just how beneficial the Reiki was to her.


Seeing the wonderful things Reiki did for Shotzy, I immediately fell in love with Reiki - it has become my true love and passion.  Having this experience, I am committed to giving and teaching Reiki as my life's work. I started my Reiki business, Wellness Inspired, so that I could offer Reiki healing as well as teach it to others.

After growing my business for several years, I achieved a great honor! Wellness Inspired was voted the Best of Tacoma in the wellness category three years in a row (2013, 2014, 2015) earning me a place in the Hall of Fame. It was during this time that I was approached by Voice America to be the host of my show on their amazing network. I was thrilled and to date it is one of the best decisions I have ever made!


My journey into radio began with Voice America, which led to my show  on BBS radio network.  This opened more doors and has brought me to where I am today with my show on KKNW, 5DTV, and Bingenetworks TV.  I love hosting these shows and sharing with my listeners the beautiful world of Reiki, positive thinking, and tools for self-empowerment. I have also met so many amazing people through these shows. What a privilege!!

Natamuse Jr Academy.jpg

Delivering supplies to Natamuse School in Africa

Young girls selling goods in Peru

My work with Reiki and my radio shows have brought me so many rewards in my life:

  • Wellness Inspired was voted the Best in Tacoma in the wellness category 3 years in a row (2013, 2014, and 2015) earning a place in the Hall of Fame.

  • In 2015 I was featured in the Women of Distinction magazine (CLICK HERE to read the magazine). 

  • In 2016 I was featured again in the Women of Distinction magazine, this time being featured on the cover of the magazine!

  • I became a member of the Continental Who's Who organization and was recognized as a Pinnacle Professional (CLICK HERE to see the press release).

  • I was honored to have been featured on a billboard in Times Square!

  • Recently I was featured in ICE Magazine (Inner Circle Executive) published by the Continental Who's Who

ICE Magazine

Love, Hugs and Blessings, everyone!

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