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Rain International has, "helped to solve the world’s nutrition problem by creating a new category of supplement based not on one exotic plant while neglecting others but upon the principle that all edible plants have nutrition to offer. This new category is seed-based nutrition and it taps into the most concentrated form of nutrition in any plant–it’s seeds. Our products contain some of the most studied seed ingredients for maximum health benefits."
"I use these products myself and I love them! I am just loving how I feel since I started using Soul. They have so many benefits and they are benefits you can feel!
- Paula Vail
Click Here to learn more about the Rain products.
Check out this lecture by Dr. Brad Weeks, a founding member of the RAIN medical advisory board, at the 44th Annual Cancer Convention. This is a must listen! He talks about Cancer STEM cells and the revolution in cancer care. He specifically discusses the benefits of SOUL and FUSED Coffee in helping to fight cancer!
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