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Candice Eli, LICSW, MSW, Reiki Student and Client (June 2019)

As a mental health practitioner, I wanted additional treatment modalities to offer my patients. I was familiar with Reiki and understood the importance of finding the right practitioner with whom I could form the right connection.  Paula took the time to really listen to my story and work that into my session.  She was kind, compassionate, respectful, and extremely sincere.  I left each session feeling calm, energized, and nurtured.  There are so many different options for those seeking care for various health concerns.  I am so happy to have found one that makes the individual feel so empowered.


I have had several Reiki treatments by Paula, which prompted me to take her Reiki I & II class.  Both sessions not only offered me the skills to practice on my own, but imparted the same sense of peace and kindness offered in her treatment sessions.  Paula and Deb offered students a warm environment to not only learn the art of Reiki, but to be able to connect with one another in a warm and supportive manner.  Each of us learned the origins of Reiki, as well as how to respectfully offer it to others.  I am so very thankful to be able to connect with so many amazing individuals.  My experience made me feel less like a student and more like a part of a special family

Jill N., Reiki Student (June 2019)

I had the honor of taking Reiki classes with Paula Vail and not knowing what to expect I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. The energy of her kindness and compassion pours from her immediately and that carries you through the lessons with ease.  She's naturally fun and uplifting and that makes the classes even better not to mention her devotion to animals makes her #1 in my book.  If you have the opportunity to meet Paula, take classes or have sessions do not hesitate.  She's such an inspiring person and I feel so grateful and blessed that I had the opportunity to meet her and learn from her.  She has inspired me to want to do better and be a better personal overall.   She really is "the gift that keeps on giving".  

Boyd Martin, Pure Energy RX (2019)

"Paula's broadcasts are a joy in and of themselves.  Tune in!"

Cindy J. (2019)

Hi Paula! I love the chakra meditation on your web site!  I've experienced amazing changes and with not even trying...just listening every day.  It also gives me a super burst of energy! Thank you again...I tell everyone I know about you :)

Robert Rabbin, Self-Awareness Facilitator, Leadership Advisor, Author & Speaker

"Please stop whatever you are doing, for just a moment; I want you to hear and feel what I am about to say. I want you to let it in, deeply. In my career, I have been interviewed by many people in many media formats, probably more than 100 times. Without any doubt or hesitation, I want to tell you that the interview I did with you, which I just watched, was far and away the best interview I've ever done. I am a fierce self-critic and yet I loved the whole show, from first minute to last. Now, you and I both know that an interview is a dance between two people. Both people have to be in sync in so many ways. It is a kind of "partner" thing, isn't it, this interview gig. One person cannot shine on their own. Both do, or both don't. In my opinion, we both hit the damn ball out of the park. So, dear lady, thank you for bringing out the very best I have to give, for being a gorgeous dance partner, and for giving me a birthday present I will never forget -- yes tomorrow is my birthday, May 16th."

Meir Schneider, School of Self Healing

“Paula brings out the best in her guests – she really brought out the best in me! She is very supportive of cutting edge messages. I highly recommend listening to her show. She is an interesting person and a wonderful interviewer!”

Rose O'Conner, Rocky Mountain Reiki

“Being given the opportunity to be on Paula’s radio show was something I never even dreamed of; Reiki and Paula made it happen. I feel truly blessed to know Paula. It is a gift to be able to talk with her, a woman who is so open and loving and inspired by Reiki. A gift to be able to have a conversation with such a wonderful woman doing fantastic work in honor of Reiki and to know that the conversation goes out to inform and inspire many others. Thank you Paula, from my Reiki heart to yours, for being there with your joy and dedication to Reiki. A big thanks also to Voice America for providing this forum.”

Steffany Barton, RN

Professional Medium/Intuitive

“As a guest on Paula’s show, I felt connected, respected, and appreciated. Paula is not only a gracious host, she is a powerful pillar of light in the spiritual community. I am honored to know her professionally and blessed to call her a friend.”

Julie Sherwood, CWC (2019)

Certified Wellness Coach & Reiki Client

From the very first moment I met Paula, I saw that she had a heart that fills a room.  She has a generosity of spirit that comes through not only in her Reiki work, but in her personality as well.  I always look forward to my Reiki sessions with Paula as it's a 'reset' for my mind-body-soul, which enables me to do the work of helping others.  I am also very fortunate to call her my friend.  Such a beautiful spirit!"

Alison J. Kay, PhD

“Paula was a very engaged host to interview with. The questions and her interest were genuine, and the flow to the interview was so natural and organic, that I found myself asking my team to use the recording of this interview more than normal, due to the outcome – an enriching contribution to all of us who experience(d) the interview. Many thanks Paula!”

Carol Olivia Adams, Author of "The Awakening of Friendship"

“I was impressed with the way Paula Vail interviewed me. Paula reviewed my book The Awakening of Friendship with much passion, sincerity and knowledge. Paula is a gifted healer and taps into the spiritual calling of each practitioner.”

Danielle, Reiki Student

"I am so grateful to have Paula as my teacher. I cannot say enough about the Crystal Bed, Reiki, and the positive changes Paula has helped me manifest in my life. I am forever grateful."

Mitch Poque, Business Leadership

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to join Paula Vail as a guest on her show “For the Love of Reiki” on Voice America internet radio. Paula’s enthusiasm and energy are contagious. Her genuine love for life and all things living creates a very natural and comfortable environment where the exchange of ideas and inspiration flow effortlessly.”


"As soon as I walked through the door, I could feel the positive energy from Paula. Between her humble teaching and her selfless attitude, it's clear that Paula was meant to serve the world with her love!"

Sharene, Reiki Student

"Paula has a quiet assurance about her that radiates through the energy that she channels in her teaching. Part of her professionalism is due to the fact that she will stop and listen to questions and take time to answer them and move on to the next phase after she is sure that her student is clear about the process. Her role as my teacher didn't end with my last certification it will be an ongoing relationship as long as the call for my ability to channel this gift of healing energy is needed."


"If I could leave Paula Vail 10 stars, I would. I had no idea what to expect as I chose Paula a bit randomly from Thumbtack. From the moment I met her I knew without a doubt I had made the right decision. She greeted me with a bright, warm smile on a very rainy morning in the parking lot of her office in Tacoma. Once inside her healing room, Paula shared her own path to Reiki and patiently guided me through my introduction to this gentle healing art. She was profoundly warm and kind; sharing her knowledge of Reiki with open arms. She provided me with many notes, a book and work book. I look forward to continuing with her to the next level of learning.

I recommend Paula whole-heartedly to anyone who is ready to explore Reiki."

Tonya McLaughlin, Reiki Practitioner

“I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Paula on her radio show as a repeat guest. I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent. She has a natural way about her that engenders an openness and trust. Her spirit radiates through her voice, immediately putting one at ease. She is an excellent interviewer and is also an amazing being to have met in person. I look forward to future interviews and sharing with Paula! I wish her abundance, light, health and Joy for the coming New Year!”

Carol Adams, Intuitive, Author, Radio Host

"I was a guest on the Paula Vail show. I am the author of The Awakening of Friendship and radio host of The Matter of the Heart. Paula made me feel very comfortable with the interview. She also asked important questions getting to the root of my topic. I recommend listening to Paula Vail."

Melany Oliver, Relationship & Love Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Healer

"I was interviewed by Paula both on her radio show and TV show. Paula is such a lovely interviewer and a joy to connect with. Our conversation just seemed to flow naturally with no strain or even any effort. I loved the whole experience and would recommend anyone who wants to get their message out there to reach out to Paula! Thank you Paula for making me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process and allowing me to share my message to your audience through your platform!"

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