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Reiki for Animals

Animals benefit from Reiki just like humans do!

Giving Reiki to animals at the Puget Sound Goat Rescue

Providing Reiki to animals can support their level of well-being, reduce stress and anxiety for nervous pets, and promote resolution of disease. Animals love receiving Reiki, often hovering around practitioners during Reiki sessions with humans to soak in the energy flowing through the room.

Animals receive Reiki with complete faith and acceptance making their incorporation of the energy highly effective. Pets and animals also seem to have an intuitive knowing of Reiki’s positive power on them and know when they’ve received as much as they need at any one time.

Animals also know where they need concentrated doses of Reiki. We often see them wiggling around to place the burdened body part under the hands of the Reiki practitioner. They also may shift their body to allow the energy to flow away from a part that has received enough energy.

Some animals and pets may not like to be touched despite knowing it’s good for them. For those animals, I simply hover hands close to the animal or send it distance-like to their higher self. This is just as effective as placing hands on the animal in question and helps the animal feel at ease. I have personally provided Reiki to my animals for many years with stunning results to their health. I’m amazed at the power Reiki has for our gentle companions and am grateful I’m able to provide them with gentle, loving, healing energy.

Reiki can be provided to pets going through surgery for improved outcomes and after surgery to ease pain and facilitate healing. It can also help pets stay calm in the face of vet visits. Reiki can help a traumatized pet recover and support an animal going through separation anxiety. Pets also just enjoy the loving energy of Reiki and feel cared for and protected with the pooling of positive life force energy.

I am a big believer in sending Reiki to endangered animals and the animal kingdom at large. I participate in a Worldwide Animal Reiki Circle. Collectively we send love, Reiki, and prayers to all the animals of the world. If you’d like to join me in this regular energy work, join me on the third Saturday of every month.

Watch for updates and reminders on my Facebook page at

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