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Why Am I So Happy?

Why am I so happy? I have been asked these words as long as I can remember.

It may have been when I was caught with a big smile on my face, sharing a kind word with someone, or dancing to a song that I heard playing around me. I have had these reactions often without thinking about why I was filled with joy. This does not mean there haven’t been times in my life that I had to choose to smile and recognize the joy in my life. In my life I have seen tragedy and experienced sadness just like every other person in the world. I have faced challenges from the day I came into the world. I was born premature and had to fight for my life the day I was born. Thanks to my dad’s courage and determination and the wonderful doctors and nurses that performed emergency surgery on me, I am here today.

I believed early on that I was the one in charge of my emotions even though at times, I yearned for happiness from other people and circumstances. The truth is we can't always control the way that we feel, but we can control which emotions we allow to have power over us.

I will share with you what I personally believe are some of the tools in opening the door to the incredible happiness that resides in each and every one of us. A joy that can be triggered or tapped into in various ways. Other people feel the energy of our happiness. That joy creates a beautiful energy within and around us which tells us again and again that one person can make a difference in the world. Every day is a new day! Whatever your background, history or circumstances are you wake up to the opportunity of new choices, newattitude, and manifestation every day.

So ask yourself...Do you choose to be happy?

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