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Finding the Positive in a Crazy-Busy Day

(Originally posted on Facebook on June 12, 2019 - reposted here).

Hey everybody! Welcome to Paula's Postivity Points! I was thinking today, my gosh, it's been awhile since I've done a positivity point. And then I thought, "oh my gosh, but I'm having a crazy-busy day, crazy-busy month!"

And then I thought, "okay, what's positive about a crazy-busy day?"

Let's think about that a little bit. You know, we can look at, "oh my gosh, my day is gone. It just zoomed by. I had so much to do. I'm gonna be tired tonight, or something. I forgot to have lunch."

But, you know, there's a lot of positive to a crazy-busy day. And that can be with work, career. It can be with family. It can be just that you're home or gardening - doing something you love.

Because you have creativity. You have accomplishment. You have excitement in getting so much done.

So, when we have those crazy-busy days, let's just celebrate that we have so much in our lives. And that we're so awesome, we can get so much done!

So, to everybody out there today, who's having a crazy-busy day, you are AWESOME! And to everyone who's chilling and relaxing, you're just as awesome, because we need those too.

And thank you to the birds - they're enjoying it too (to crow cawing in background)!

So, big hugs everybody! And my book, "Why Am I So Happy", will be available very soon. I'll keep everybody posted! Okay - bye!


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